Mélanie Hammer

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 Melanie had suffered for four years from bilateral trochlear dysplasia, a fibroma of the bone, a recurrent dislocation of the patella and a ligamentous laxity. He has followed 9 sessions of an MBST treatment. Beginning of treatment on 9 November 2015, end of treatment on November 17, 2015. One session of duration of one hour per day, from the fifth session pain had completely disappeared!

 Today, 6 months later, no pain is present and the MRI of April 11, 2016 demonstrates a complete repair and no visible bone abnormality from the images

Mélanie Hammer

Patient mbst®, Alexandra Gonigam - Volleyball player. Twice french club champion: YUTZ. METZ HANDBALL D2/N1

Alexandra Gonigam

I am a volleyball player and I train twice a day. On 12 November 2015, in a match I injured my right knee

I immediately had an MRI that diagnosed a cleft in the inner meniscus.

The doctor explains that the surgery (arthroscopy) is a mandatory passage for this type of trauma but risked worsening the injury and deteriorating the outer meniscus. The way to follow for this injury is surgery, rehabilitation and return to the sport after 6 weeks. The doctor also tells me that this type of intervention can cause, later, osteoarthritis.

 After the accident I walked with difficulty and my knee was swollen. I could not bend my leg without feeling very sharp pain.
I decided to start with the sessions after hearing about the successful application of MBTS treatments (7 sessions lasting 1 hour).
At the end of the fourth session I felt a real sense of well-being. At the end of the seventh session there was no pain. My knee had deflated and I had faith in the result achieved.
I returned to run at 2 weeks of the MBST session and after 4 weeks I returned to the sport without any pain or discomfort.
With MBST I have avoided surgery and physical rehabilitation with the advantage of recovering more quickly from my accident.

Now it's been almost 4 months since I've been playing volleyball again (training and tournaments) and I have not had any pain
Metz, 22 Aprile 2016

Alexandra Gonigam Pallavolista

Patient MBST®, Nina KANTO


Thanks to MBST for this month of this January without knee pain! I rediscover the pleasure of a great victory performance and above all, I feel optimistic and ready for the challenges that will come in the future! 



Doc René Toussaint, Consultant in Orthopaedics and sports medicine

Dottor René Toussaint

The MBST® Treatment that we have introduced for sport medicine, is a non-invasive new method to treat lesions, both those due to an exceptional physical stress and those caused by sport injuries. This treatment greatly reduces the biological healing process and strongly supports the goal of every athlete to “return to the sport». For Volleyball, it has a special meaning.

Dottor René Toussaint Consultant in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine