Thanks to these technologies, to apply this treatment, only the doctor 's request is needed.  According to the problem we produce a chip card, which contains a cure / individual treatment (hip arthrosis, osteoporosis etc) We do from 7 to 10 sessions, possibly one a day of the duration of one hour / to reactivate / start the regeneration of weakened / diseased cells.

Depending to the indications we have different equipment:

MBST ® - Promobile

Designed with the same physical principle of the magnetic resonance systems in medical diagnostics. The coil system is widely used in the applicator for the treatments of almost all joints. The MBST Therapy System Pro Mobil nuclear magnetic resonance is flexible.

For each control unit can be connected up to two applicators to manage simultaneously and conveniently both joints. The treatment system is mainly used by medical specialists and therapists authorized since 2006.